Signature Essential Oil Blends
Signature Essential Oil Blends

Signature Essential Oil Blends

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Wherever you may be on your journey to a healthy natural lifestyle, we embrace and encourage your exploration of essential oils and aromatherapy.

 Fresh Cleanse: Sweet Orange From Brazil 

  • Oil to help calm nervousness, anxiety and tension.

Chi Zen: Lavender From France 

  • Oil to reduce nervousness, nausea and

Harmony:  Rose  From Africa 

  • Oil that allows you to meditate in peace and relaxation.

Signature Carrier Oil:  Oil Blend: Coconut + Almond 

This oil leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It has a lightweight and thin texture, and it's high in linoleic acid and antioxidants.

Allergen Carrier Oil: Avocado + Grape Seed Oil    

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