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  • Wednesday Motivation

    Happy Wednesday, When I was 20, I thought 30 was old. I’m just getting started in life, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of my opportunities. I’ve been working so hard to provide for myself and my family. I’ve always had vivid dreams and plans for my life, and I just needed the discipline to...
  • Shoutout LA Interview

    We’ve completed an interview with Shoutout LA; here is a sneak peek of ; Hi Jainishia, do you have a favorite quote or affirmation? “Love unconditionally, You’ll find happiness”. -JaiNishia When you pursue unconditional love, you find pure happiness. When you break down all of the material things, that’s the only thing we leave this...
  • How to stay organized and have a balanced life.

    Want to know how I stay organized and have a balanced life? Here are a few suggestions on what I do weekly for my business personal and professional life. Planning Preparation Actions Follow-up A lot of you wonder how I am actively prepared for work, life, and business an often people say, “How are you...