Coconut Grove Scrub
Coconut Grove Scrub
Coconut Grove Scrub

Coconut Grove Scrub

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Coconut Scrub:

Our Hydrating  Scrub  exfoliates the bad skin on your lips, that become dry and ultimately results in even more chapped. 

BENEFITS. Our Hydrating Scrub  help remove dead skin from your lip bringing out new fresh layers, making  soft, smooth, and obviously more desirable to the touch. 

It is recommended to start with a routine of lip-exfoliation once to three times per week. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • 100% Pure Vanilla Essential Oil
  • 100 % Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil 
  • Vitamin E Oil 
  • Monoi Oil 
  • Calendula - Marigold Dried Flowers 

Our Scrub is free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic preservatives, petroleum, silicone, phthalates, and fragrance oils. Never tested on animals.