• Preparing For Eco-Love

    Why? Me: It’s was hard trying to find non-toxic products when you’re dealing with PCOS. Additionally, I am a dog mom and my husband has allergies and asthma. So I needed a few solutions that all of us cohesively could use. Thereafter, I created Eco-Love an Eco-Friendly Home Care Solution. Curated solely for this who...
  • Makeup Organizer

    My husband is happy today, I no longer take up all the counter space . Thanks @amazon ! Shop my Amazon Favorites to pick up yours. #LinkInBio
  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I launched my blog. I launched my blog last year as a creative outlet, I reach out to a popular skincare company to partner with them and was rejected. Later, I found a popular blogger received a care package from the brand and was completed broken....
  • By Egreis Pop-Up x LA

    October 10-13,2019 More to come
  • A Healthier Life

    I’ve add Eucalyptus to my home Eucalyptus has some Anti-Inflammatory properties. If your interest pick up some from your local flower shop and evaluate your shower experience. Benefits: Cough relief. Clear chest. Bug repellent. Heal wounds. Breathing. Blood sugar. Cold sores. Breath freshener.
  • Louis Vuitton X Exhibition

    Louis Vuitton X Exhibition Did you have a chance to check out the LA LV X Exhibition? The museum ran from June 28 until September 15th. Nestled into Rodeo Drive, The LV Exhibition showcased the style evolution of the brand. furthermore held a POP- up and outdoor lounge space. Here is some of...
  • Curology ️

    September 11, I started my Curology journey. I’ve connect with a medical professional and completed a Treatment Plan. I’ll be sharing my roadmap to confident skin. Hooray, I’m excited to be welcomed into the Curology family. More to come… Before
  • Happy September

    It’s officially #VirgoSeason. September has 30 days and I have so much I want to share this month. The first day of fall is Monday, September 23rd. Who’s ready for warm apple cider doughnuts? As we prepare for fall and the next season of growth, I want to encourage you to enjoy family and experience something...
  • Lessons For 31

    Lessons for Chapter 31 Today  I turn 31 and I wanted to share a few lessons with you. See below; 1. Call your elders once a week (I.e. Grandmother, Father and or Mother) 2. Enjoy your family 3. Create memories 4. Cleanse your space (Burn sage or candles)  5. Read and re-activate your goals  6....
  • Beautiful

    Which are you going to enjoy first? Loving yourself or Letting others show you, how to Love yourself? Details: Top: HM Brows Brown MVP in Black -Brown + Beauty Bakerie Foundation: Dior Backstage Eye: Trophy Wife x Juvias Mascara : ilia bite beauty Blessings: #God
  • Done

    Done Crying… It’s really over, there is no turning back from here. Every bad vibe you put out comes back each time, It’s called KARMA. The lies have drained me, broke my heart and I’m done. I’m the only one who can LIVE my life, I value everyone opinion BUT it’s valueless. I’m NOT… Rude...
  • Deep Hydration For Summer Hair

    Hey Guys, So I had my braid in for about three weeks and noticed that my hair was dry, So I decided to take my hair down and show it some TLC. First I started with The Mane Choice over night hair Mask. Then washed it in sections with two shampoo Products. *Lotta Body, I’m...