• Welcome To Eco-Love ♻️

    Born out of inspiration and driven by creativity, Jainishia, expanded and created Love and Happiness Home on the premise that beauty can be created in everyday space and Self Care is an ideal worth striving for. Our natural ingredients are the center of our new line Eco-Love ♻️. Each product is packaged in reusable,...
  • A Healthier Life

    I’ve add Eucalyptus to my home Eucalyptus has some Anti-Inflammatory properties. If your interest pick up some from your local flower shop and evaluate your shower experience. Benefits: Cough relief. Clear chest. Bug repellent. Heal wounds. Breathing. Blood sugar. Cold sores. Breath freshener.
  • Book Day #BookNerd

    Today its World Book Day Donate some old books to your local library, adoption agency or children’s should shelter. You can also volunteer at your local YMCA, boys and girls club or children’s hospital.
  • Fabletics Review

    @kellyrowland Go Off!!! . Hey Loves, @fabletics legging is amazingly comfortable and true is size, compared to its competitors it’s a top contender . I’ll be practicing yoga tomorrow wearing my new pants and will provide a better review . ️
  • Planner Life

    Me + Happy Planner = A perfectly planned life . #2019 #Planner #HappyPlanner #Motivation #Lifestyle #Vlogger #Blogger #Life #PCOS
  • La Nursing Event

    I found out about the Nursing workshop by following an industry travel nurse. I saw an opportunity to network prior to completing school. Tip One: Research your potential field ie: Critical Care or ICU Tip Two: Following those in your industry Tip Three: Take notes and ask questions . . . Follow my nursing journey...
  • Girls Weekend 2019

    The first annual Girls weekend trip will be hosted by JaiNishia. This weekend will be centered around the amazing views of LA, Food, Girl Chat, and Goodies. Coming Soon…
  • Meet The Owner

    Hello, Love, My name is JaiNishia and I am so excited to Officially Launch My modern Lifestyle Blog, offering cutting-edge wellness advice ranging from travel recommendations, the best places to eat, daily mantras and self-love initiatives. I’ve beaten the odds since birth and now I will share my love of cooking, travel, fitness, product reviews, and...