• Consumer Update

    Here at Love and Happiness , we’re working to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19. I know that as a member of the community I serve, businesses like mine may be experiencing challenges, and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible. Our candle supplies are sources locally around...
  • Earth Angels

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of encouraging a young lady whose best-friend passed away suddenly. I was just thinking of her this and she shared this with me about 30 minutes later. Paul and I will be making a donation to her family ️ #EarthAngels #livelikejaeleen
  • VoyageLA

    Blessed ️, Thank you to Sid and the team at @voyagelamag for featuring me! Thank you to all the amazing people who ran, so Love and Happiness could walk ♻️ I just wanted to share some inspiration with you all. I’ve been in business for one year and we’ve been featured a huge magazine here...
  • Restocked

    We’ve restocked a few favorites

    Inspirational Bracelets

  • Life Tip

    When I get overwhelmed I turn off all social media notifications, and I don’t return text messages. I pray and start to journal my feelings to better understand why I’m annoyed. That’s the first step in understanding yourself ️ #LifeTip
  • What I know for sure…

    What I know for sure… Just know even if you don’t see my husband often, he always has my back. My prayer before, Marriage was that we would love each other unconditionally. Honestly, No one truly prepared for me marriage, as a society we don’t talk about it openly as much as we do divorce....
  • Valentine’s Day Collection

    Hey AVA Neighbors, Love and Happiness will be releasing a Valentine’s Day Collection. ️ Shop the collection at http://www.JaiNishia.com
  • Just Mercy

    I cried the whole and ensure you will too. I look at the men in this video and think of my Husband, Brothers, Friends and male Family members and think Wow! I’m thankful for people like Bryan and others who are fighting to provide everyone with freedom. Just Mercy ️
  • BIY Eucalyptus Hanger ♻️

    Materials Needed: Dowel Twine or Hemp Cord Hot Glue Dried Flowers or Eucalyptus Section each flower in the place you want then tie them with rope to the dowels {Hanger or choice} Then you’re finished ♻️
  • Zero Waste 2020

    I’ve adapted a zero waste mindset and have encourage my husband to do the same. We’ve eliminated almost all plastic from our home and converted to glass. Today, I cleaned our my pantry and organized my kitchen. I’m going to organize my business pantry and bathroom next Follow the journey on IG: @TheJaiNishiaCollective
  • 2019

    2019 Taught me a few things; 1. Don’t trust everything you see on social media 2. Trust yourself and plant seeds 3. Learn what you don’t know and become your own resource 4. Don’t allow people to come in your space and muddle the water 5. Enjoy life because it’s VERY short 6.Enjoy your family...
  • New Year, New LH ️

    Love Notice ️ Dear Love and Happiness Family, In order to continue serving you at our best with our exceptional service, unique and high quality ingredients, we will be revamping our products and will relaunched the new Luxe Collection in February 2020. Please Follow Us On IG: @__LoveHappiness for Behind the scenes and more. With...