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  • Thank you

    In 2018, I had a vision to Create and Organic Candle line. I didn’t know anything about wax, melt point, flash point, or percentages. I had $1 and a dream. Fast forward one year later, with knowledge, passion and better ingredients Love and Happiness is now in homes and SOLD OUT! My God is Good...
  • Body Butters

    We are almost at the finish line, Our Body Butter Balm is in the final stages of production. We are excited #ComingSoon
  • Fire Safety

    Protect Yourself During a Wildfire       If you smell smoke or see ash due to a wildfire, here are ways to limit your exposure:   •Remain indoors with windows and doors closed or seek alternate shelter;     •Avoid vigorous physical activity;     •Run your air conditioner if you have one. Make...