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Why Love and Happiness?

Love Happiness Blog

  • How to stay organized and have a balanced life.

    Want to know how I stay organized and have a balanced life? Here are a few suggestions on what I do weekly for my business personal and professional life. Planning Preparation Actions Follow-up A lot of you wonder how I am actively prepared for work, life, and business an often people say, “How are you...
  • Valentine’s Day Kindness

    Happy Saturday, You can send a free Valentine’s Day card to a child at the St. Jude Hospital. Give back and keep it going . Share, Comment and Keep it going.
  • Ready for 2021?

    I would love to travel the world and blog about food. I love watching the food network, and I cannot wait to start traveling again. When the world opens back up safely, Where are you traveling first? Me: Europe, or Greece, please ️