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  • Happy December

    It’s officially the last month of 2019. It’s the time of year when you share food and beverages with family and friends. You reflect on the full year in review and you plan your next chapter of life. Events this Month: •Dodgers Game
  • Inspiration

    All The Way A happier, healthier life ️ 1. Stress proof your life and keep an open mind. Let go of the fixed idea of what you thought life would be . Sometimes things go wrong and you end up with an even greater adventure. 2. schedule breaks. Using the motivation of your inspiration,...
  • Love and Happiness

    Hello, I’m JaiNishia @jainishia The creative mind behind the brand Love and Happiness, My passion for self care involved into Love and Happiness in early 2019 when after the launched. I am passionate about healthy alternatives and pet friendly Household items. Our collection features, essential oils, natural candles, trendy mantra bracelet and more. DM me...