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    Weโ€™ve restocked a few favorites

    Inspirational Bracelets

  • Life Tip

    When I get overwhelmed I turn off all social media notifications, and I donโ€™t return text messages. I pray and start to journal my feelings to better understand why Iโ€™m annoyed. Thatโ€™s the first step in understanding yourself ๏ธ #LifeTip
  • What I know for sureโ€ฆ

    What I know for sureโ€ฆ Just know even if you donโ€™t see my husband often, he always has my back. My prayer before, Marriage was that we would love each other unconditionally. Honestly, No one truly prepared for me marriage, as a society we donโ€™t talk about it openly as much as we do divorce....